Saturday, November 11, 2017

Flannel Friday: Seis Perritos

I added a puppy to my set of growing puppies so I would have seis perritos for a Hispanic Heritage storytime. You have probably seen Alma Flor Ada’s adorable book Diez Perritos. There are many versions of this traditional nursery rhyme - some where the puppies meet terrible fates. I love the version from Songs for Wiggleworms by Old Town School of Folk Music. Even though I planned to play the recording in Spanish, I asked a friend to translate just to make sure none of my puppies ate a machete or were killed by a shaft. I am including the translation in case you would like to sing it in English.

If you are looking for more Spanish language storytime music, Old Town School of Folk Music has got you covered. I used “Chocolate” (Bate, Bate, Chocolate) which is also on Songs for Wiggleworms (such a fun arrangement). I also used “Hello and How Are You” from Wiggleworms Love You which has verses in English, French, and Spanish. We had so much fun!!

Seis Perritos

I used to have six puppies, of the six that I had,
one went jumping jumping.
So from their I only had left five... five... five.

From the five that I had left, from the five I had remaining, one went with the cat.
So then I only had left four... four... four.

Of the four that I had left, from the four remaining,
one went with Andres.
So then I only had three... three... three.

Of the three that I had left, from the three remaining,
one went to eat rice.
So then I only had two... two... two.

Of the two that I had left, of the two that were remaining, one went with Don Bruno.
So then I only had one... one... one.

Of the one that I had left, of the one that was remaining,
he went for a lemonade.
And now I don't have any.

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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

November 10th Flannel Friday Roundup

Bigger and better! Here is this updated version of this week's roundup.....

Mr. Keith at Felt-tastic Flannelboard Funtime has some adorable ducks for Six Little Ducks (and an amusing anecdote about his grandpa).

Wendy at Flannel Board Fun has a another Little Mouse rendition! This one is with beautiful fall leaves.

Your storytimers will love bringing up colored feathers for Tommy Turkey. Check out Jessica's song and flannelboard set at Storytime in the Stacks.

I'm sharing Seis Perritos that I did for Hispanic Heritage month. I included a translation of the version on Songs for Wiggleworms.

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Friday, May 5, 2017

Flannel Friday: Little Birdie in the Tree

Sometimes, simple is just best. I wanted to have enough birds so all the kids could put a bird in the tree and sing to me. They love it! I don't remember where I found this song originally, but I have since seen several variations on the original folk song.

I start out by giving a bird to each child. I tell them to listen for their color and ask if they know what color they have (both are very important instructions we mustn't take for granted 😀). When I sing their color, they bring up their bird and sing a bird song.

Little Birdie in the Tree
(tune of: London Bridge)

Little red bird in the tree, 
In the tree, in the tree.
Little red bird in the tree, 
Sing me a song.

Repeat for the blue birds and red birds.

(I prefer using a limited number of colors instead of the whole rainbow.
It just seems to work better, especially with a larger group.)

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