Friday, February 8, 2013

This Week at Mommy and Me: Hey Mr. Snowman

We used Miss Alison's Hey Mr. Snowman to build our snowman. It's always a hit. There are eight kids (two-year-olds) in Mommy and Me, so we have the luxury of enjoying some audience participation. They love bringing up pieces for flannel board stories, and it really helps develop their listening skills. It was white week, so we read The Big Red Ball (and the little white kitten) by Christopher Franceschelli--so cute!

Every other week, we make a color shaker. This week we made our white shakers extra fun by adding a few special ingredients to the ordinary white rice. To go along with our flannel board rhyme, our "I Spy" bottles contained a red scarf, green mittens, black eyes, a carrot nose, brown sticks, and yellow buttons. This is a new favorite project. They really turned out cute.

We did one of my all time favorite projects--kick the can painting. Put a 4.5"x18" piece of construction paper into a coffee can; add a few marbles and few tablespoons of paint; and kick! (envision a gentle, slightly uncoordinated toddler kick). We used blue paper and white paint. I diluted the paint slightly and added a pinch of salt for a grainy/snowy look.

We wrapped up the day with white balloon snowballs in the parachute to I Wanna Be a Snowman by Caspar Babypants.

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