Friday, August 30, 2013

This Week at Toddler Storytime-Opposites

We had sooooooo much fun with this flannelboard story inspired by 1234 More Storytimes. I altered the rhyme slightly:

Two little blue birds sitting on a cloud
One named soft, and one named loud!
Fly away soft. Fly away loud!
Come back soft, Come back loud!

Two little red birds sitting in the snow,
One named fast, and one named slow.
Fly away fast. Fly away slow!
Come back fast,Come back slow!

Two little green birds sitting on a pig,
One named small, and one named big.
Fly away small. Fly away big!
Come back small, Come back big!

The flannelboard stories were the stars at this storytime. We did another favorite Little Ball, Big Ball.

We ended with two fun sound recordings--Very, Very Tall from Wiggleworms Love You and Loud, Quiet by Caspar Babypants from Singalong!.

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