Friday, May 20, 2016

Flannel Friday: Where's My Mom?

Based on the book Where's my mom? by Julia Donaldson

You can tuck this one away for Mother’s Day next year, or just flip the mom and dad role and use it for Father’s Day. This one is always a big hit. The book uses rhyming text, but the story is easy to tell in your own words. It generates a lot of discussion with the kids as well.

The story starts with LIttle Monkey who can’t find his Mom. Butterfly offers to help. 

Monkey tries to describe his Mom,
“She’s bigger than me....” and butterfly does her best to find the monkey mom. 

After several failed attempts, Monkey points out that none of these animals look like him. Butterfly explains that she did not look like a butterfly when she was young because she started out as a caterpillar.

Finally, Butterfly thinks she has found Monkey’s Mom. Wrong again--it is Monkey’s Dad.

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Jessica F said...

Definitely tucking this cute little flannel tale away next year for Mother's Day (or maybe a family storytime in general?!) Thanks for sharing!

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