Thursday, October 20, 2016

This Week at Preschool Storytime: On the Farm

Read: Punk Farm (with audio--download the song
Sing: If You’re Happy and You Know It
Talk: Color Sheep Flannel--Baa Baa (color) Sheep and Mary Had a Colorful Lamb (Inspired by Mallory Tells Stories. This activity is so fun and generates so much discussion.)
Read: Cow Loves Cookies
Sing: Old MacDonald song with flannelboard pieces
Read: Charlie Chick
Play: Fingerplay: “Ten Galloping Horses”
Ten galloping horses, (hold up ten fingers)
Came through town. (slap hands on legs as if galloping)
Five were white, (hold up five fingers on one hand)
And five were brown. (hold up five fingers on other hand)
They galloped up, (slap up toward top of thighs)
They galloped down, (slap down toward ankles)
Ten galloping horses, (hold up ten fingers)
Came through town. (slap hands on legs)
(Do it a second time faster)

Read: Clip-Clop
Sing: ABC song
Talk and Play: Drawnimal App--H is for Horse
Write and Play: LetterSchool App-- Make the letter H
Talk and Play: Endless Alphabet App--Word of the day "Harvest”
Music and Movement: Ladies Ride (Wiggleworms Love You)

Play and Write: Feed the Animals craft
We retold The Cow Loves Cookies by feeding the animals. Kids continued to make up verses for
Mary Had a Colorful Lamb when they picked a color for their sheep. Making zig zags for grass and
adding chocolate chips to the cookies gave them some fun writing practice.

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