Friday, May 5, 2017

Flannel Friday: Little Birdie in the Tree

Sometimes, simple is just best. I wanted to have enough birds so all the kids could put a bird in the tree and sing to me. They love it! I don't remember where I found this song originally, but I have since seen several variations on the original folk song.

I start out by giving a bird to each child. I tell them to listen for their color and ask if they know what color they have (both are very important instructions we mustn't take for granted 😀). When I sing their color, they bring up their bird and sing a bird song.

Little Birdie in the Tree
(tune of: London Bridge)

Little red bird in the tree, 
In the tree, in the tree.
Little red bird in the tree, 
Sing me a song.

Repeat for the blue birds and red birds.

(I prefer using a limited number of colors instead of the whole rainbow.
It just seems to work better, especially with a larger group.)

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