Monday, February 11, 2013

This Week at Toddler Storytime: Kittens and Mittens

I posted my version of Mitten Matching last year, but this year I added something new. I made three kittens to go with the mittens, and the kids are having a lot more fun with them. We started off reading The Three Little Kittens by Paul Galdone. Then I passed out one mitten from each pair to all the kids (I have a a lot of mittens). I say, "These little kittens have lost their mittens." I put one mitten on a kitten and say, "Did you find this kitten's other mitten?" I repeat until all the kittens have mittens, then take them all off and start again.

When I do this in my three year old preschool class, I put the pieces out during centers so the kids can practice retelling the story and matching mittens.

"These little kittens have lost their mittens. Did you find this kitten's other mitten?"

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Library Quine said...

Good idea! I'll need to make kittens to go with all those mittens I made way back.