Friday, September 20, 2013

Flannel Friday: Who Stole the Cookies From the Cookie Jar

I love Judith Moffatt's version of Who Stole the Cookies?. The favorite chant becomes a story with a little girl and a host of animals accused of the crime. I love to do a similar story with our Folkmanis Sequoia Tree set. Each animal in the tree claims their innocence until bear finally confesses and I show the cookies hiding in bear's hole in the tree. I flannelized the story for our fall flannelboard workshop. The animal patterns are from the Totline (Mix and Match Series) Animal Patterns book.

Who Stole the Cookies?
(I believe I made up this particular ending)

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?
Owl stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

Who me?
Yes, you.
Couldn't be.
Then who?

Squirrel stole the cookie from the cookie jar!

(Continue for each animal. Leave Bear for last.)

Bear stole the cookies from the cookie jar!

Who me?
Yes, you.
It was me. It’s true.
I stole the cookies from the cookie jar.
(show cookies hiding behind bear)

Sarah at Miss Sarah's Storytime is hosting the roundup this week. Find all things Flannel Friday on the blog or find us on Pinterest.


Sarah said...

Love this! For even little kids you can just do the chant and look behind each character. The flannel friday crowd is always looking for rhymes like that :) Thanks for sharing.

Shawn said...

Thanks, Sarah!

Shawn said...
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Kids Cds said...

Thanks for the shout out Nick! I am going to have to check out Matt's Zoo project, sounds awesome!Educational dvds for Kids | Buy cds Online India

Analisa Carrillo said...

Where to we post link to this weeks round up?