Friday, November 15, 2013

Flannel Friday: Silly Turkey

I missed the Flannel Friday Thanksgiving extravaganza last week, but there is still time for some turkey fun! I always love the challenge when I find some existing flannelboard pieces that have lost their story. I recently found some naked turkeys with a bag full of felt feathers in a variety of colors. My toddlers love the chance to come up and put a piece on the flannelboard, so I made up a quick little rhyme. I love to watch their faces as they strain to stay in their seats until their color is called.

Silly Turkey
I'm a silly turkey, I'm so much fun,
But I need some silly feathers.
Do you have a red one?
(repeat for each color)

I've got the round up this week. Check it out all the fun!


Ellen F said...

changing this up to add some ABC practice. I 'm going to put a letter on each feather. ( I will distribute 2 or 3 to each child)

I'm an alphabet turkey. I'm so much fun, But I need some letter feathers. Do you have the ____ (call a letter)

mamagrub said...

I had so much fun making up my turkey to use tomorrow. I am changing up the rhyme into a song!
(tune: Mary Had a Little Lamb)
I’m a silly turkey, turkey, turkey, I’m a silly turkey and I am so much fun.
I need some silly feathers, feathers, feathers, I need some silly feathers, who has a *red one?

Can't wait for tomorrow!