Friday, March 21, 2014

Flannel Friday: S.T.E.M Stories

My spring flannelboard workshop features science and math activities. I don't remember which Ellen Stoll Walsh book I considered first, but I discovered that when put together she had a great science and math collection.

Since time is limited, participants will make pieces for Mouse Count but will be given additional resources so they can use their pieces for Mouse Shapes and Balancing Act if they wish.
Based on the book Mouse Count by Ellen Stole Walsh

To use with the book Balancing Act, I cut slits in the felt so a penny could be inserted.
It gives the mice enough weight to tip the scale.

Based on the book Mouse Shapes by Ellen Stole Walsh

In this Mouse Paint set, the mice and puddles are two sided. I flip the mice around when dipping them in the paint to reveal their painted version. The puddles start out as primary colors. I flip them after the mice jump in them to reveal their mixed version. Then the mice get washed back to white in the cat's bowl. If I do the full version of the story, I have stripes to paint parts of the paper. Too complicated for the workshop, but I like to show participants how much fun they can have!

We are also doing a version of Erin's birdhouses at Falling Flannelboards

and, inspired by several Flannel Friday posts, "What's the Weather?"

Katie at Storytime Secrets is hosting the roundup this week. Find all things Flannel Friday on the blog or find us on Pinterest.

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