Friday, August 28, 2015

Flannel Friday: This Is/This Isn't

So happy to back at Flannel Friday after a much too long hiatus!

Inspired by Melissa Depper at Mel's Desk, I bring you another version of what I call "This Is/This Isn't". Like the many variations of Little Mouse we have created here, "This Is/This Isn't" lends itself to endless themes. I have made variations for halloween colors and for shapes. It is a great way to teach a math concept (sorting/groups), and the kids LOVE it when you are wrong!

I am doing this version next week for Family Storytime. Since we get older siblings coming along on Saturday mornings, we can do some more challenging activities. With this one, they get to really stretch their letter recognition skills by identifying not just upper and lower case letters, but also letters of various font types. We'll see how it goes.

This is an A.....this is an A....this is an A...

This is an A......That's not an A! That's a B.
Let's put the B in its own row.

This is a B....this is a B....this is a B....

This is a B....That's not a B! That's a C.
Let's put C in its own row.

This is a C....this is a C....this is a C....this is a C....
That's not a C! That's an A, and it goes up here.

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