Thursday, October 1, 2015

Flannel Friday: Mr. Potato Head

I was inspired by a Flannel Friday post by Reading with Red to make a Mr. Potato Head set. The patterns are from Sunshine, Lollipops, and Rainbows. Jocelyn created them for a quiet book, so I enlarged her patterns for the flannel board.

These are the pieces I use for the rhyme. We made more pieces for flannel free play.

I wrote this rhyme to go along with the pieces. It has come in handy for several themes including All About Me/Five Senses and Play/Pretend/Toys/Favorite Things. I pause after the first line of each stanza to give the kids a chance to guess the part.

Mr. Potato Head, What Do You Need?
by Shawn Wolf

Mr. Potato Head, how will you see?

I'll give you some eyes so you can see me.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you smell?
I'll give you a nose so you can smell well.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you taste?
I'll give you a mouth so you can eat cake.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you hear?
I'll give you some ears so you'll know when I'm near.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you touch?
I'll give you some hands so you can feel much.

Mr. Potato Head, your head looks so bare.
I'll give you a hat with some crazy black hair.

Mr. Potato Head, how will you run?
I'll give you some feet so you can have fun.

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Jane said...

These two are so very cute. Think it's time I make a Mr Potato head! ~ jane