Thursday, October 15, 2015

This Week at Preschool Storytime: Fairy Tales

Sing: Welcome Song

Read: The Prince Won't Go to Bed by Dayle Ann Dodds (The repeated phrase is in a special font, so I point out to the kids that that is their part whenever they see it. The font gets larger as the book goes on, so I tell them they have to get louder since the letters are bigger.)

Sing: If You're Happy and You Know It

Tell: My Froggy Valentine puppet play (This book makes a great puppet play!)

Read: Wolf's Coming! by Joe Kulka (One of my favorite read alouds. Complete with a big wolf and some nervous little pigs.)

Sing: If You're a DRAGON and You Know It

Rhyme: Five Brave Knights

Tell: The King's Cookie

Sing: ABC Song

Play and Write: Our Letter of the Day was K. We introduced it with Metamorphabets, and we practiced writing it with LetterSchool (I write it on the ipad while the kids use their "drawing finger" to write it in the air.)

Dance: I handed out crepe paper dragon tails and we danced to Shake Your Dragon Tail on Dragon Tunes.

Rhyme: Thank You Rhyme

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