Thursday, October 15, 2015

Flannel Friday: Royal Flannel Board Stories

I have two this week! We just did Fairy Tale storytime, and the kids loved both of these.

The adorable knight pattern is from the book Finger Tales by Joan Hilyer Phelps along with the Five Knights in Shining Armor rhyme. I made up a shorter rhyme to use with the five knight and threw in a dragon puppet for added drama. As you might expect, there were some slightly astonished looks as each knight was carried away. But there is a happy ending (Well, a safe ending. Cowering in the castle doesn't necessarily qualify as happy.)

Five Brave Knights
by Shawn Wolf

Five brave knights, here to save the day!
Down swoops the dragon, and carries one away.

Continue until all the knights are gone.

No brave knights, here to save the day.
They're hiding in the castle, and there they will stay.

The King's Cookie

I'm not sure where this story came from originally, but you can find the
complete version on Hummingbird Educational Resources.

The King made a cookie.
One by one, everyone in the castle finds a reason to taste it until it is all gone.
So he makes another one and gobbles it all up.

Melissa at Mel's Desk is hosting this week's round up. Find more Flannel Friday on the blog and on Pinterest.

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