Thursday, January 21, 2016

Flannel Friday: I'm a Little Love Bug

I threw this together one morning. He has the potential to be soooooooo much cuter! I envision even crazier hair and six legs for starters. I made it for a small-group Mommy and Me class I teach, so the rhyme is written for those adorable little two-year-olds to bring the pieces up to the board. The pieces go along with the squishy bag we made. Check out the squishy bag and all the other fun things we did!

I'm a Little Love Bug
by Shawn Wolf

I'm a little love bug. Now let's start.
I am made from a big red heart.

I'm a little love bug. What a surprise!
I think someone has my eyes!

I'm a little love bug. Now who do you suppose,
has my cute little heart-shaped nose?

I'm a little love bug. I give big hugs!
Who has a striped arm for this bug?

I'm a little love bug. I have flare!
Who has my sparkly, spiky pink hair?

I'm a little love bug. I'll see you in a while!
Just don't forget my great big smile!

Ms. Kelly at the Library is hosting this week's round up. Check out Flannel Friday on Pinterest and on the blog 

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