Sunday, January 29, 2012

Five Brave Firefighters

I can't wait to do this with the kids. This is based on the rhyme widely available on the web. I shortened it (a) to turn it into a counting rhyme (who wants to ring a bell once?) (b) I do toddler storytime and shorter is always better and (c) shorter and repetitive means I can memorize it easily.

This was so easy to make. Cut slits in top and bottom. Slide one end of pipe cleaner into top slit. Slide on bell and five red beads. Ring the bell and slide one bead down each time you repeat the verse.

When I do this in storytime, we have some larger foam firefighters we slide down the long pole that pulls down our screen. I got the bead idea from a homemade abacus I saw.

Five brave firefighters 
Sleeping in a row
Ring goes the bell
And down one goes....

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Miss Tara said...

Wow! This is really cute (and celver!)