Friday, February 10, 2012

Things that Grow in the Spring

My Red Umbrella
We have a script typed up for this story. I have never seen the book, so I didn't know the umbrella grows. These are our pieces with the umbrella. When it is on the easel I can crouch down under the umbrella with everyone else.

Here are my magical umbrella triangles. It looks less like an umbrella as it grows, but I'm sure one of you fabulously creative flannelizers can make it work!

Mushroom in the Rain
Here is my growing mushroom. You will need a pair of pantyhose and a styrofoam or paper bowl. Cut a hole in the bottom-about 3/4 in. diameter. Pull the waist of the pantyhose from the inside of the bowl, through the bottom. Turn the waist inside out and pull down around rim of bowl. 

 I twist and knot the legs to make a stem. Little ant fits under it perfectly.

The loose extra nylon has been tucked under the inside of the bowl. Start to pull it down around the animals as you add them.

Just keep stuffing the animals in. I think in the story they don't let fox in, but it's more fun to just squeeze him in there with everyone else (he promises to be good).

I don't think there is a bear in the story, but the more the merrier. The BIGGER the better. The kids crack up.

 As you take out the animals,the mushroom shrinks right back down to size. And of course, frog shows up to explain the phenomenon.

Hope you have as much fun with it as I do!


Maureen said...

Oh thanks for the the mushroom idea - I just told it to my group using magnetic pictures - I'll have the video posted this weekend on my blog. But I love your mushroom and will make it this weekend so I can tell it again. Wonderful

Shawn said...

Thanks, Maureen. Can't wait to see your video!

Mollie Kay said...

I love the expanding mushroom! Such a smart idea!

Storytime Fun said...

I think your growing umbrella looks great! Thank you for sharing these creative ideas. So fun!

EricaS said...

AWESOME - both of them, but I ESPECIALLY love the mushroom! I know my kids would so get excited about that - can basically make up whatever animals you happen to have on hand - super fun.

Leah said...

I was in awe of your wonderful expanding mushroom idea. I'm sure it kept the children captivated.

Lois Burgess said...

What a lovely idea! Would you be able to send me a copy of the script?


Lois (